Cultivating a culture of mindful awareness, compassion and collaborative social engagement.

Who are we?


We are a network of researchers, educators, practitioners and artists, exploring the transformative potential of contemplative learning.


Our approach to learning and to research seeks to integrate body, mind and soul. 

While modern education has tended to focus on acquiring facts and knowledge from the 'outside' and to then analyze, contemplative learning emphasizes looking and listening to what is already 'within' us. This starts from attention to the senses: the non-linguistic, non-conceptual realm.


What is Contemplative Learning?


 Contemplative learning includes the cultivation of awareness and attention so that we are better able to regulate our emotions. It includes the cultivation of compassion, and an awareness of the systems that we are embedded in as interdependent beings.

It is about opening up to the unknown so that we have the courage to rest playfully and creatively in the chaos and uncertainty of our times. 


Contemplative learning brings together ancient wisdom and modern science, and traditions from East and West. 


What is our intention?


As an international network based primarily in Japan, we seek to create spaces of contemplative learning that are inspired by Japanese cultures, spiritualities and philosophies.


One of our primary projects is to adapt and (re)embed Social Emotional and Ethical Learning into Japanese education and society.


We hope to collaborate with you in creating networks of learning, practice and research- through workshops, research projects, lectures and mutual dialogue.